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Narrating a Visual Story

For the last assignment this class had, covering an event was not something I was concerned about. I had previously done so for the South End as well as my high school’s newspaper, but using audio as well is something I had not had to do before. While using programs such as Audacity or Adobe Premiere were not difficult, it did require a bit more work to be able to tune the finished product to a passable post.

Interviewing for the audio portion proved to be almost no major concern. Having already taken News Reporting and having done previous event coverage for the South End, I did not encounter issues with keeping the questions going well, but there was an issue with recording audio. I found that my audio became corrupted shortly before finishing the video so I had planned to do a follow-up interview with the person who I had spoken to at the event. After reviewing this with my professor she suggested I instead do a voice-over, which was an intriguing way to circumvent the issue.


Shoot your Shot

Shooting sports games is not something I am all together unfamiliar with, but trying a to shoot a sport I had not before was difficult. Basketball is not a super complex game to follow as it normally revolves around both teams running back and forth. The main issue came with the fact that it was indoors and the lighting was innately poor resulting in having to push my ISO higher than I normally would have. Capturing the actions was not difficult, but I had to really work the shutter speed to prevent getting grainy shots. One of my lens options has the capability of and f/stop of 1.8, so I was able to get the extra few stops of light necessary to shoot the game.

Following actions throughout the game was not immensely difficult, as stated previously it is a simple sport to keep up with. One of the major issues that came up with keeping track of the fouls and who received which and when. Obtaining a roster before the game helped with this, but it was still difficult when all the players …