Narrating a Visual Story

For the last assignment this class had, covering an event was not something I was concerned about. I had previously done so for the South End as well as my high school’s newspaper, but using audio as well is something I had not had to do before. While using programs such as Audacity or Adobe Premiere were not difficult, it did require a bit more work to be able to tune the finished product to a passable post.

Interviewing for the audio portion proved to be almost no major concern. Having already taken News Reporting and having done previous event coverage for the South End, I did not encounter issues with keeping the questions going well, but there was an issue with recording audio. I found that my audio became corrupted shortly before finishing the video so I had planned to do a follow-up interview with the person who I had spoken to at the event. After reviewing this with my professor she suggested I instead do a voice-over, which was an intriguing way to circumvent the issue.

Voicing over an event was somewhat difficult to do for a multitude of reasons, primarily being that I had to talk over what I was able to see at the event. Due to this, there was potential for missing details that others may have seen differently.

Capturing photos to tell a story with was honestly quite a fun experience, I enjoyed wandering about and exploring what the event had to hold. I had attended previous times but this was the first time that I had free reign over where I wished to be and when. Many of the people attending the event were more than willing to answer questions for captions or to gather general information about what people were there for and what they hoped to see.

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